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Click to see additional details Stickers Price: Click to see additional details Jacket Price: Pockets offer convenient storage. Zipper works from the top and bottom for easy access to pants pockets. Click to see additional details 70th Anniversary T-shirt Price: Membership Info. As many investors no longer hold the paper stock certificates and the majority of stock trading happens online, many companies have stopped offering perks to their shareholders.

Some still do though, and although shareholder perks should never be the primary motivation for investing in a company, they could sweeten the deal. When you take an ownership position in the stock of a company, you effectively become one of the owners of the business. You get certain rights as a shareholder, such as invitations to shareholder meetings, and voting on certain issues that can affect the direction of the company.

You may also receive dividends or special incentives to invest in more shares.

Redeem. Modify. Schedule.

Although the type of perks that used to be available seem to have mostly disappeared, a handful of companies still offer certain perks. The investment vehicle of billionaire Warren Buffett offers some of the best shareholder perks in the business world. However, when the holding company merged with one of the world's largest railroads, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, its board of directors split the dual-class B shares on a to-1 basis to learn more about this topic, read What Is a Stock Split?

Thankfully, that's not the case and Berkshire Hathaway not only still offers these discounts but has also expanded them.

You can get everything from recreational vehicles and pre-constructed homes to running shoes and cowboy boots at fantastic prices with your shareholder credentials. The world's largest fast-food chain, McDonald's rewarded its owners with a gift certificate each year, usually for free fries or a Big Mac. This shareholder perk has never really been formally announced and, when it is given, usually comes tucked in with the annual report if you hold your shares directly. Owners of Starbucks have long enjoyed a shareholder perk that will literally perk them up: Tucked in with their annual report, investors often find a gift certificate for a free beverage at any Starbucks location.

Members received deep discounts ranging from 10 percent to 30 percent at all Disney resorts, stores, theme parks, attractions, and events. In recent years, Disney stopped giving discounts to shareholders but certain shareholders who already had membership are grandfathered into the plan.

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Carnival Corporation openly celebrates its shareholder perks, announcing them with fanfare on their website. If you own shares of the stock as of December 31 of the previous year, you can participate in something the firm calls its Shareholder Pass Program. For this shareholder perk, the company will send two free passes per household.

According to the company's investor relations department, "The passes allow free general admission at all our racing and off-track betting facilities. They are valid for an unlimited number of visits during the year as well as general admission for the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Owners of shares of Ford common stock , who have held their position for at least six months, can enroll in the X-Pricing program, which allows them to pay 4 percent above employee pricing.

Depending upon the model you select, this can save you thousands upon thousands of dollars on your next car, truck, or SUV. Through a dedicated, controlled-access website, registered shareholders of IHG can book hotel stays for discounted prices subject to availability.

Ferrari Owners' Club Great Britain -

Service to any vehicle that has become disabled, wrecked, or stuck if it was intentionally driven off or away from a normally traveled road, street, or driveway; such as onto a vacant lot, yard, field, creek, river bed, beach, logging or Forest Service road. Exception is made where there is a posted detour around a normally traveled roadway. Service to unattended vehicles. Under extenuating circumstances, and with prior approval of the Club, exceptions may be made. Storage or repair costs. Cost of providing alternate transportation.

Snow, unusual or extreme hot or cold weather, heavy rainfall, and unusually heavy traffic can sometimes cause service delays. Under these conditions, the Club reserves the right to delay some services until the extreme demand for service is over.

Ferrari Platinum Credit Card by ICICI Bank

Instant Service will be provided, but is limited to Basic membership level services for the pre-existing breakdown. You will save by calling AAA and following the procedures listed in the benefits section of this guide before utilizing alternate service.

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If you have followed these procedures and AAA service is not available, you may obtain your service and submit the original receipt to AAA within 60 days. Reimbursements will be based on the prevailing commercial rate for the region where the vehicle was disabled. For lockout reimbursement, see information under Lockout Service. If you do not have your card, and membership cannot be verified, reimbursement will be provided at contract rates. Service applies to all licensed, four-wheeled motor-driven vehicles of the passenger, pleasure, and recreational type including rental and commercial vehicles if those services can be safely delivered with normal automobile servicing equipment, including sling, wheel lift devices, flatbed car carriers, and dollies.

Taxi cabs and limousines are excluded from coverage.

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  6. Motor homes, travel trailers, and pickups with a camper attached—no length limits. Recreational trailers up to 26 feet in length, including horse trailers, boat trailers, and other recreational trailers transporting personal watercraft, snowmobiles, motorcycles, or other state licensed recreation vehicles. Reimbursement for impounding ordered by the police or other proper entity because bicycle was impounded due to a violation of a state or local ordinance. Service off of normally traveled roads or streets.

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    If bicycle breakdown occurs off or away from a normally traveled road or street, such as on a field, creek, river bed or beach, or logging or Forest Service road, service will only be provided if bicycle can be moved by the member to a normally traveled road. Service to unattended bicycles. More than one transportation per disablement. Fatigue and physical inability to continue with ride. Exception may apply for an injury that occurred as a result of a bicycle accident.

    Rendering mechanical first aid or changing of a flat tire.

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    Rendering service to break or cut a lock on a secured bicycle. If any service calls, or the mile tow, are not used during a membership year, they cannot be accumulated and carried over to the next membership year. For any towing miles in excess of miles for the miles tow benefit, or in excess of miles for the remaining tows during your membership years, members will pay for the excess mileage based on current commercial towing rates per mile.

    Pre-existing breakdowns are not covered. Roadside Assistance coverage provided in the U. Please see below for important details: Members can be reimbursed for one home lockout service call per household, per membership year. This per household limit is different than the roadside assistance services limit which is per member, per year.

    Member must provide receipt of transaction in order to receive reimbursement. Home lockout service does not count as one of the four roadside assistance service calls Premier members are allowed each membership year. The costs to replace locks, including parts and labor and the cost to replace keys, are not covered. Premier Member must show proof of home-ownership prior to receiving home lockout service.

    In the case of rental property, approval of the property owner may be required. To apply for reimbursements, click here or call to receive the home lockout reimbursement application form. These benefits are subject to the following conditions and exclusions: The covered reasons for delay are: Vehicle disablement due to mechanical failure excluding tire trouble or an accident that renders the Vehicle inoperable at least overnight; Theft of a Vehicle; Unexpected illness or injury requiring the Covered Person to receive treatment by a Physician who advises delay of the trip; Natural disasters; or Severe storms or unusual weather phenomena validated by National Weather Service records.

    In cases where the Covered Person rents a Vehicle for Covered Travel and the Vehicle is disabled or stolen, the Covered Person must make immediate contact with the rental company after the disablement or theft occurs to arrange replacement of the Vehicle. If such contact is not attempted, the Covered Person will not be reimbursed for any expenses incurred as a result of the delay. Rental car expenses incurred by the Covered Person to continue the trip will be reimbursed only if the Covered Person rents a Vehicle of comparable or lesser class.